Restoration Service


Complete Restoration

This complete service consists of the following factors: We receive your car or provide a project car for you. The service takes 2-3 years to complete. 

What work is done?

Rebuilding of the entire vehicle

Who is doing the work?

Most of the work will be done or orchestrated by Mark Allen.  To see who the other guys are please see our team.

What parts do you use?

We only used the very best parts available. Many of the NOS or New Old Stock parts from 40 years ago have dried up and some parts from todays manufacturers is total junk - we know what items work and what parts are low quality. 

What about quality control?

After the car is done we take the car on a minimum 500 miles of Break-In over a couple months. This allows for the engine to break in and adjustment to be made on the car for real world sorting. 

I live in another Country or far away from you, how does it work?

We can ship cars anywhere in the world - this is very easy today. We work with one of the best shipping companies - CFR Rinkens and have shipped cars to all sides of the planet with them. 



porsche paint ossi blue

Paint is the one job we only do right. This is the foundation of the restoration

Interior controls


Interior Trim


Exterior Trim


We believe in using only original parts as much as possible, like looking into the eye of a loved one and seeing their true beauty 

Undercarriage Building


The most unforgiving job and yet the single most effective result on road performance 

Engine building


There is only one way to do this - the right way. 25 years experience in engine building