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Porsche enthusiast gone pro.....


This is a new version of the website - please bare with me as it is uploaded with content,  should  have  it  done  summer  2019. Google business has decided to jump on our marketing because the site does attract attention -  they post hours and location without our permission that are not accurate. Working on changing this. 

Vintage Excellence is an appointment only shop, we do not keep normal business hours. Understand that once we connect on a transaction you will get the most intense concentration on your vehicle, we offer support after the sale if needed,  all clients become good friends over time. We do not do regular service or small restoration jobs. We are more focused on retailing our fully restored cars than taking on multiple projects. 

The difference in our cars is you get some of the most experienced people in the Porsche restoration business finishing the car. Specialists only work on the cars we sell and they take a log time to get done so work is very limited. We do not have an assembly line of low cost laborers who only learned their trade recently. We are not a traditional classic car dealer that focuses on buying low and selling as high as possible while doing nothing to service the vehicle (Mark knows these people as he has worked for many of them many years ago). We favor top quality over high volume. Our overhead is low which is what makes our business model profitable and while we can not welcome you to a fancy showroom with a receptionist who will get you a coffee, we can offer you a meticulously restored no expense spared correct car that far exceeds the quality of the fancy showroom dealer. After all, it is the car you take with you - not the showroom! 

Please note that almost every image on this site was taken by us or is of our work. We have such a prolific portfolio that there is no need to use stock images or show  someone else's work.  

Mark Allen - Vintage Excellence -  Services offered:

Buy one of our cars

Pre Purchase Inspections - $600 local in shop. Travel $850/day plus expenses - will travel anywhere in the world. 

Restoration consulting - $200hr phone 

Restore a car for you - $195,000 This covers most longhood cars, full restoration: Paint/Trim/Interior/Engine/Trans/Undercarriage. Metalwork and optional equipment extra.


Porsche Centere bangkok 1967 911s

Consulting with Porsche Centere Bangkok on correct 1967 911S bodywork


Porsche  tech  talk  article 

Golden Green 912 Road Scholars article

Road Scholars magazine article on our 1968 Porsche 912 Golden Green coupe


Driving Line Article on the 1969 Porsche 911S Soft Window record breaking sale and 1967 Porsche 911S


Hagerty article on my Soft Window 911S


New York Times Article on our Soft Window Targa 

Kanye West 1989 Lamborghini Countach Mark Allen driver

Kanye West music video stunt driving a real Lamborghini Countach 

930 turbo porsche

Our 930 Cabriolet on the cover of a German Porsche magazine 

Vintage Excellence Team

Mark Allen Vintage Porsche Specialist


Leader of Vintage Excellence operations. Sales/Purchasing, Primary builder - Chassis, Engine/Trans, Body & Trim, Suspension, Electrical, Interior expert. 25 years experience. 

Peter - Paint


Paint is a difficult task, the most important and the restorer in charge of the job must work closely with the painter in order to harmonize efforts. This guy delivers the quality I require and I thank him for putting up with my crazy requirements. 

Dennis - Machinework


These old engines are made very well but at their current age competent machine work is required. Dennis has genius level air cooled abilities! 

Thomas - Trimming


Thomas has been trimming Porsches & exotic European cars for over 30 years. He does Pebble beach cars and lucky for us he finds time to do our work. 

Joe - Metalwork


Joe has 60 years metalworking experience - 45 years of that was working on Porsches from when they were new! Joe has forgotten more about a Porsche 911 chassis than most will ever know. A true Jedi Master of the metal craft. 

Terry - Rubber


Terry has been manufacturing rubber since the 1970s. While he specialized in 356 for a long time our shop is one of the first to convince him to do more 911 and 912 specialty stuff. Many of his prototypes are fitted with our cars. https://im356-911.com

Relationships with great people through sales

1972 911 for Auckland


Driving in Auckland with Mark my New Zealand based client in the 1972 Porsche 911T/E I sold him a year before. This man lives in the next town over from where my Mum grew up, we are now great friends. 

Turbo Cab back on the Autobahn


Dieter flew out to see a 930 cabriolet, he has since visited when in town and attended local car shows with me

Auction successes

1969 Porsche 911S soft window targa RM Auctions

1969 Porsche 911S soft window about to hit a world record. Final sum was $286,000 but unknown to the public an offer of over $300k came in the next day from the underbidder 

Speedster for a Porsche Parts Manufacturer in Germany

Speedster Porsche 356

Andreas owns Carpoint, one of the largest vintage Porsche parts manufacturing companies in the world. When only the very best will do he purchased his Speedster from Vintage Excellence.

912 Down Under


David from Australia bought one 912 from me and then decided he should buy another one, second one he flew out with his wife to tour Southern California in. Nothing beats arriving and driving your own Porsche in a foreign land. 

Tangerines to Dubai


Now residing on one of the Palm Islands this 1972 Porsche 911 surely gets noticed  by the locals as definitely something different. The buyer visited my shop, bought the car and then ordered a very special Air Conditioning system for the desert heat. 

Golden Green to New York


Steve takes his Porsche collection very seriously and this immaculate rare Golden Green 912 fit the bill for the perfectionist 

It must be a sunroof


This client wanted a 1st year 1965 911 but it had to have a sunroof. Difficult challenge accomplished 

One more sunroof


Adding a 911S to the collection, the sunroof client is back for a second one 

40 year dream realized


Bob was looking at Pebble Beach cars when he walked past our perfect 1973 911E targa, having a dream to buy one 40 years before he was instantly taken back - bought the car on the spot and could not be happier

Big engine needed


A NFL team doctor wanted more power in the 1972 911T he bought from us, so we built a 2.7L RS engine for him

Swiss rally car

Soft Window Targa rally car

This 912 soft window was purchased by a Swiss Porsche parts dealer and driven on a 2000 mile trans American rally immediately after purchase