1969 Porsche 912 Sunroof


 In Spring 1969 a 26 year old Ronald Rueb took delivery of this special ordered Olive Green sunroof coupe from a Bay Area Porsche dealership. Think about the number of things going on in 1969 from the moon landing to Woodstock, new technology such as the 747 airplane and the microprocessor were put into use for the first time. What a time to be alive that age and be able to buy a brand new Porsche, specially ordered to your taste, a taste that fit the  late 60s era. 

Owner #1 - Ronald G. Rueb. There is a gold plaque that was given only to the original owners of Porsches in the late 60s as they bought the car – with owner’s name engraved. This plaque is included with this car, it reads Ronald G. Rueb, and it has never had the paper pealed from the back to be placed on the dash. 

Owner #2 – Enter your name here.

For a 25 year old man in 1969 this car was quite the purchase so no doubt Ron was going to take care of it. The car was garaged its entire life at his home in El Cerrito - Bay Area California, the care and attention this car has always received is obvious by the way it shows today in its unrestored state. It has been kept out of the sun and bad weather. Still wearing almost all of its original paint and all original interior the condition and ever so light patina are fantastic. When you sit in this car and take in the smells, textures and feelings you are brought back to an era we would all like to re-live again. The condition, the look, the feelings generated from this car, everything is just perfect because the experience is completely authentic. 

This rare green hue is hardly ever seen with an early Porsche. The gloss shows the incredible condition of the original paint with a deep color, the paint has been professionally buffed and detailed recently. The paint glows, picks up the sunlight, the color varies throughout the light of the day, similar in color to a cocktail olive green. The Catacolor factory green tinted windows over the Olive add a feel of the1960s as if viewing reality was through an 8mm film. No one will show up to the party wearing the same thing if you are in this car. Out of all the rare special order colors Olive Green code #6835 is one of the rarest, also known as “Earth Green” in Europe. Adding to the rarity is that this is still the original paint applied at the Porsche factory which is impossible to find. While most original paint cars show wear and tear this car is fantastic for the age as you can see by the pictures. There are rock chips on the front hood and bumper as to be expected, there is a small paint blend near the passenger rear taillight but the overall appearance and the way it shows makes any blemishes forgivable. Trim and light lenses are original, nothing prematurely replaced by terrible reproduction parts. 

Build Sheet - This was a car that would have been specially ordered by the first owner with these unique options as decoded from the Kardex build sheet:

·  build date of March 6 1969, 

·  delivered to distributor “Porsche Car Pacific Inc.” the San Francisco area distributor. 

·  Color Olive 6835

·  Black Leatherette 9822

Option Codes:

9034 FUENFG-G  5 speed trans

9103 L-SCH.RD  Chrome Wheels

9116 KONTI-ST  Koni Suspension

9142 LUFTD-ME  Tire Pressure Gauge 

9218 LED-LNKR  Leather Steering Wheel

9301 R-Z-DECK Hub Caps colored

9304 GUM-VSSH Frt Bumperette Rubber

9305 GUM-HSSH Rr bumperette rubber

9320 EL-DACH  Sunroof 

9347 GET. TSCH Colored door glass

9348 GET. WSS Colored windshield

9350 GET-H-S Colored rear glass

9431 ANTENNE  Antenna

9437 LOUDSP.  Loudspeaker 

9368 SOND.LAK  Special Order Paint 

·  A Blaupunkt Frankfurt AM/FM USA model was installed in the car at the dealership. The radio is currently in working condition. 

Kardex copy:

VIN# 129022359

Engine# 4095416 Matching numbers 

Olive Green# 6835 Original Paint

Original interior, leather wheel 

Factory Sunroof

1 owner California Black Plate car

No rust ever - perfect pans 

5 speed, Chrome Wheels, Koni Suspension

Working Blaupunkt Frankfurt & Hirschman antenna 

Catacolor factory tint glass 

Matching number engine by Lukes & Shorman

Kardex, Owner's Manual, Tool Kit, Tire Jack



This is the ultimate option on a coupe. Open when sunny, but still open when cold, closed only when rainy. Rare option on an early car. 

Chrome Steele Wheels 15x5.5"


All 5 wheels are matching KPZ Chrome wheels dated 2/69 

Leather VDM Steering Wheel


Nothing beats the original leather feel, recovered leather wheels are not the same because today's leather tanning processes are not the same quality as the 60s

Blaupunkt Frankfurt AM/FM USA


Top of the line radio for the late 1960s, these radios cost around $250 in 1969. This one works and has the original speaker and antenna

Catacolor green tinted glass


Factory tinited windows for sunny climates 

Tools & Books included


Owners manual with folder, tool kit, tire jack, both California black license plates 

If you saw the 17,800 miles currently showing on the speedometer you would surely think that is original but it was used the car much more than that. In the records it shows the car has 97,000 miles in 1986. At this time world renowned  Lukes & Shorman of Albany California rebuilt the engine at a cost of $5600 which is most likely the value of the car at the time as well. Not many 912s received this level of attention. Lukes & Shorman was well known as one of the most competent shops of the era as they prepped all the winning cars of the Speedster wars era when James Dean and Steve McQueen were racing Speedsters at airports, fairgrounds and small tracks all over California. Ask anyone in 356 racing and they will tell you Lukes & Shorman motors last forever. After the engine was done the carburetors were fully restored/re-machined at an additional cost by Bieker Engineering arguably the inventor of proper Solex restoration – I have receipts for engine and carburetor work. After the high cost of the engine rebuild Ron changed his driving habits as the car only covered an additional 20,000 miles since 1986 or 600 miles per year till now. Still wearing the original paint California Black & Yellow plates, in perfect tune it is for the first time since 1969 looking for a 2nd owner as Ron is unfortunately no longer with us. 

Mechanically the car runs the way it looks – perfect. There are no rattles or noises, maintenance has always been kept up to date, the car performs smoother than any other 912 we have ever handled. Since the car has never seen any restoration work it retains all the original Porsche build quality. The engine was only cleaned, valve adjustment, oil change and a tuning to make it what you see. Starts immediately and idles smooth. Transmission, clutch are all working smoothly. Approximately $10,000 in shop work has just been done to get the car ready for the new owner. 

In summary this car ticks off all the boxes for the ultimate collectible. Cars of this condition rarely come up for sale, the 2nd owner will be very pleased with the purchase.