Vintage Excellence is a specialty shop for all Porsche cars. Specializing in the sales and correct restoration of these very fine classic automobiles. We deal in primarily Porsche vehicles from 1964-1973; Including 356, 912, 911, and 914-6. Our skill set allows us to handle any unique vehicle in the world. Our experience and passion far exceed the norm. Our mission is the pursuit of excellence in everything we do. High end unique & collectible vehicles is what we do and we love what we do.

About Us

Introduction to Mark Allen

It has been a long road to get to this point. I have been a Porsche enthusiast since 1995 when they were a relatively undiscovered foreign car. Starting with early VWs in my teenage years, that is what all my friends owned and they were fairly similar to Porsches. My first VW was a 63 deluxe beetle that I bought at the Irvine VW Classic show for $450. My business started as a hobby to fund the purchase of my first Porsche. By age 19 still living at home, my parents garage was full of Porsche & VW parts but I did not own a Porsche yet. Then this interesting thing called eBay came along and as a teenager with a fresh mind I learned how to use the website in great detail. I then started buying Porsche 912s as they were the closest thing to a 911, the first 912s cost me $500 a piece for parts cars and around $2000 for worn out driver cars. A top notch 1 owner 912 back then was $12,000 and I remember wondering if I could ever afford one. Cutting up $500 912 parts cars and dissecting everything down to a single part in order to sell them gave me great insight into how Porsches were built and the differences in parts that came from various models/years. Unknown to me at the time the world would someday all realize how great these German cars are and they would eventually be so in demand that you would never think of cutting up a early Porsche that could be saved and put back on the road. My experience gained during these early times has given me volumes of knowledge in regards to authenticity, correct assembly procedures, and trivial Porsche facts. I have often been called a walking Porsche encyclopedia by my friends. 

I went to college and worked hard to get a business degree always figuring I would work in an office and wear a suit. Parts sales on eBay as well as the occasional used car sale funded my way through college but there did not seem to be big money in them. At some point I became obsessed with quality and knowing everything I possibly could about early 911/912 cars as a hobby and not for a profession. It was this enthusiasm that directed me to want the best cars at all time and not just go after a car because it is valuable. There was a time where I would have worked on your car for free just to be around them. Flash forward many years and I became the General Manager of a specialty car dealership called Cardiff Classics owned by Tom Billick. It was there that I finally realized I could make an income to the level that I wanted by specializing in cars that people seek out. Tom showed me many ways to find the right cars and the right people to sell them to. Our dealership sold a few Porsches a month but as I came along we tripled the number of Porsches very quickly. Tom saw that my enthusiasm for these cars carried over to the buyers and they bought cars from me. I quickly became the guy to buy a Porsche from in the small beach town that our dealership was in. 

Around 2006 I made the leap and went out totally on my own in order to focus on what I wanted to do and was very passionate about; the 1965-1973 Porsche cars. My business was barely profitable but you could buy Porsches all over Southern California at the time for well under $20,000 and trade them to different parts of the world. I was having the time of my life buying 4 cars a month and trading them all while barely being able to cover my bills. A true labor of love. My college buddies would all stop by my shop and love the cars but then ask me why I bother as they were all out making a real living with the same degree I had. Then something magical happened and the prices started to rise - this is not good for people already used to the old prices but it really helped me make a better living. Each year since around 2006 the worldwide demand for early Porsches has went way up. These cars were now blue chip investment cars, as good as gold except they are drivable. I took out a big loan, asked my wonderful parents for some help and bought 2 and a half acres in the countryside where I could build my own 2500 square foot shop. The shop was built and I was out of money again. I ran into a few people who wanted to partner along the way, we did good business, bought many cars together, everyone made great money and had fun doing it - then one wealthy investor tried to take my entire business model from me so he could get all the profit. Now Vintage Excellence is completely independent and solely owned by Mark Allen. The struggle has been amazing to get to this point but it has made made me a stronger better person and the quality of the cars we do is on par with the best of the best. I can truly say that I am a self made man with my own niche profession in this big world. I put all my passion, years of experience, and enthusiasm for vintage Porsches into every car I build whether the car is for myself or the car is for you.  

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