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1974 Porsche 914 Phoenix

1974 Porsche 914


Original color Phoenix Red (looks orange) code L32K

1.8L carbureted engine  with 5 speed manual transmission

Appearance group with chrome bumpers and genuine 2.0L Fuchs alloy wheels

California car from day 1 (always in San Diego), blue license plate

No rust or mods anywhere on this car

Original owners manual, original keys w/ key card, spare tire jack included

Emissions/Smog exempt in California!

This car has been a resident of sunny and dry San Diego California for all its life. Original owner’s manual shows it was purchased at ALLAN PORSCHE of Burbank California on 3-23-74 and then serviced for the first time at ALAN JOHNSON PORSCHE of San Diego California on 4-3-74. The car still retains its original California Blue license plate registered until August 2010. This is a well taken care of car that has been stored indoors its whole life with no rust. Very original and unmolested, the only mod to this car is the removal of the original fuel injection and replaced with a progressive 2bbl carburetor. The odometer currently reads 6000 miles, judging by the condition of the car I would guess 106,000 total miles on the car. The car has been re-painted, original color, and the paint is in fair driver condition. Overall the car has great eye appeal because of the beautiful color, nice wheels, and chrome bumpers. The car would approach show condition if it were repainted. There is quite a bit of clean original paint in the trunks, interior and engine bay - the original paint matches the re-spray. The original color is Phoenix Red which looks more orange than red. Engine and transmission appear to be original. All wire harnesses, brackets and pieces are present. Unfortunately the last owner’s mechanic recommended removing the fuel injection, none of the original fuel injection is still with the car. Recent major service includes: new carburetor/manifold, new 009 distributor, tune up (plugs, oil change, oil filter, valve adjustment, valve cover gaskets, pushrod tube seals), all shift bushings replaced, exhaust leak repaired, replaced aftermarket muffler with original, new brake lines, new tires, replaced driver door catch. The car now runs and drives very well, any issues have been corrected for the new owner, suitable for daily driving or weekend cruises. This car does have a salvage title from a minor accident a few years ago; the car was lightly hit on the passenger side in front of the rear wheel. All damage was repaired, damage was limited to the outside of the car, no inner structure/frame or longitudinals were damaged. No front or rear damage, the nose and rear of this car are as straight as new. If the car was never damaged then the price would be higher. Sold with 2 original PORSCHE keys, owners manual, fuch spare tire, spare tire jack.

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