Vintage Excellence is a specialty shop for all Porsche cars. Specializing in the sales and correct restoration of these very fine classic automobiles. We deal in primarily Porsche vehicles from 1964-1973; Including 356, 912, 911, and 914-6. Our skill set allows us to handle any unique vehicle in the world. Our experience and passion far exceed the norm. Our mission is the pursuit of excellence in everything we do. High end unique & collectible vehicles is what we do and we love what we do.

1973 Porsche 914-6
1973 Porsche 914-6 3.2L


This car was originally a 1973 1.7L White car. Now the chassis is wildly modified with all factory Porsche parts and a 1986 911 European Carrera 231 base hp but with the open intake/exhaust power is more like 250hp, hooked up to a genuine 914-6 transmission. Factory style setup and conversion means this car is very reliable, very fast and it stops on a dime.

Bodywork:  The chassis is an early 73 914 California car with virtually no rust. The front fenders have been modified to a steel slant nose setup and the rear fenders have been pulled to accept the 15x7" wheels. Original fenders could be re-installed on the front. You could also add steel GT flares for a more aggressive look. Side rockers are original steel, front air dam is a replica 914 Limited Edition fiberglass unit, no rear valance is installed. Front and rear bumpers are original chrome early units with no bumperette holes. Chrome bumpers are the only way to go with 914s. I just found the front bumper rubber top which cost $300 alone.

Interior: Interior is mostly stock and original. The backpad was deleted to mount the injection computer, DME relay, and altimeter behind the passenger seat. I did just install a new front windshield last month which cost $350. The gauges are complete custom units by Hollywood Speedometer and cost over $1000. Fully rebuilt and perfect. The tach is for the 3.2L. The speedometer speed scale has been increased to 180mph. The combo gauge has been replaced by a 904 replica combo gauge which has fuel level, engine oil temperature, and engine oil pressure. To top it all off the gauges are illuminated by LED lights which give you amazing illumination but do not distract your eyes from the road – finally you can see what your engine is doing at night.

Engine: 3.2L Euro Carrera 231hp 10.3:1 compression with motronic fuel injection. The engine was pulled from a wrecked car in the UK with only 60,000 miles on it. Engine was brought to Canada and eventually sold to me. The engine turned out to be in perfect working condition with very good compression numbers. It was stripped of all unnecessary items for the 914, then re-sealed with all exterior gaskets, new alloy oil return tubes, all tune up parts, professionally cleaned injectors. The induction is all original 86 Euro Motronic parts with altimeter, air vain with adaptor to fit 914, computer mounted inside passenger compartment, new DME relay, fully wired to work in the early 914. Exhaust is comprised of short 1-5/8" headers ceramic coated and can be used with muffler or megaphones - currently has sport muffler made from a factory Listritz muffler, all new exhaust studs, this exhaust creates a serious sounding very low tone deep exhaust note but nothing like an irritating Harley Davidson sound. Other items include turbo valve covers, heet sheets, oil cooler heat sink.

Conversion parts: Factory 914-6 oil tank was used, reproduction oil lines, factory 914-6 hard line, factory 914-6 oil cooler – the engine never gets above 210 degrees and mostly runs in the 180-200 range. Reproduction 914-6 steel sheet metal was used. An improved front engine mount over the original -6 the Velios 6 conversion front engine mount was fitted with 2 new sport engine mounts. Throttle is activated by a factory 914-6 linkage system. Transmission is coupled to the engine with a Kennedy conversion flywheel which mounts to a 9 bolt flanged crank and a 901 transmission, it has DME sensor teeth on the ring for the fuel injection control. A heavy duty Kennedy stage 2 clutch was fitted.

Transmission: Factory 914-6 transmission pulled from a very low mileage wrecked car. Gears AA, GA, O, V, ZD these are tall gears and work well with the torque of the 3.2L. Custom billet 901 intermediate plate with throttle linkage stud for 914-6 throttle linkage. Genuine 914-6 solid transmission mounts. Fully converted to late 914 side shift. ALL shift bushings replaced.

Axles: custom special setup using 911SC axles and CVs, special stub axles and trans flanges, all new bolts, new German Lobro CVs, powder coated axles. The axles handle much more power than the stock 4cyl axles.

Brakes: Fronts are Boxster mono block calipers mounted with billet adapters, new BHP high performance brake pads, clear cadmium plated cross drilled Zimmerman rotors in Carrera size. Rears are Boxster mono block calipers mounted with billet adapters, new BHP high performance brake pads, clear cadmium plated cross drilled Zimmerman rotors in SC size. Master cylinder is a 19mm Ate unit. Lines are braided steel covered. Summit proportioning valve.

Suspension: Front - 911 Carrera front A-arms with 19mm low slung swaybar, aluminum cross member, Bilstein green struts with 3.5" caliper spacing, new bushings and bearings, new ball joints, new turbo tie rods. Rear - 180lb progressive rate springs, Bilstien Shocks, new bushings and bearings. Due to the heavy weight rear springs I do not think a rear swaybar is needed.

Wheels: Matching set of 4 original Fuchs 15x7" polished and painted by Weidman Wheels, Dunlop SP Sport 205/55/15 tires are in new condition. The tires do not loose grip with these wheels no matter how much power you put down.

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