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1970 Porsche 911E targa

1970 Porsche 911E Targa




VIN# 9110210652    this is the 652nd 1970 911E targa out of 933 built

Engine# 6201650 Type 911/01 911E 2.2L 175hp - matching numbers per C.O.A.

Original California Car from day 1 with original Blue license plate

Complete original Bosch Mechanical Fuel Injection working flawlessly!

5 speed transmission

Fuchs alloys – DEEP 6”s correct wheels

911S Koni adjustable suspension – Upgraded, hydropneumatic struts removed

911S big original alloy calipers with 4 wheel vented brakes

911S front and rear stabilizer bars (sway bars)

911S full deluxe trim

Deluxe wheel well aluminum trim – rare option

Leather wrapped steering wheel

H4 Hella headlights



The 911E was Porsche’s intermediate performance offering from 1969-1973. The 911T was Touring, 911E for “Einspritz” or fuel injection, and finally the 911S for Super. Everyone wants a 911S but the values and more importantly the availability make the 911S a car that is hard to reach for most enthusiasts. Taking another look at the line of cars offered for this era you can see the 911S was an autobahn king with its great top end. Both the 911E and 911T were much more drivable in traffic conditions and around city streets. Flash forward 38 years later and we find a greater population and much more congested daily traffic conditions. These days you can hardly use the top end power and long legs of the 911S, what you really need is low and mid range power to drive spiritedly for when the road is clean in your favor. The 911T and 911E are much more usable cars these days.


The 911S and 911E are very alike. They share everything in their build except for the hot tuning of the S engine. All trim, suspension, and appearance are the same between the two cars, even the famous Mechanical Fuel Injection that gives these cars such an amazing sound is the same. In fact it is a known fact that when running neck and neck the 911E will accelerate faster than the 911S up to 60mph. The 911T shares no engine performance features of the E and S.


If you have never driven a short stroke mechanically injected sports car engine then you will be in for a treat when driving this car. The sound is amazing and the acceleration is exhilarating. The short stroke engines love to rev. The racing inspired fuel injection gives huge amounts of power over carburetion while delivering very reasonable gas mileage. There is no other car that can rev like a 69-71 Porsche, deliver ample horsepower, handle better than most new cars, and cost under $100k.


This car has just undergone a yearlong full restoration.The car was completely disassembled and repainted. Engine and transmission were gone through (brought back to original running and cosmetic SHOW condition), all suspension has been rebuilt, wheels refinished and brakes renewed, new interior trim fitted, and finally all bright work replaced or reconditioned. The car has no rust and never needed any rust repair during the restoration. Miles read 87,000 and may possibly be actual mileage. This car came from an elderly local San Diego man who claimed to be the 3rd owner.



Original Features


·          Genuine 911E

·          Original numbers matching 2.2L mechanically injected engine

·          5 speed manual transmission

·          Koni 911S suspension – original troublesome hydropneumatic struts removed

·          911S brakes – Ate Aluminum calipers

·          Fuchs alloy wheels – exactly correct for this car. Fully polished, painted, w/new tires

·          Original optional front & rear stabilizer bars (swaybars)

·          Rust free original California car with original blue license plate

·          Originally equipped with 911S deluxe appearance package with the very rare wheel well trim

·          Original owners manual/2 master  keys + 1 valet included

·          Believed to have only 87,000 original miles








Restoration features


·          New paint

·          New interior

·          Full major engine/transmission service, cleaning, re-seal, Mechanical injection serviced and adjusts – works flawlessly!

·          Fresh undercarriage restoration

·          Brakes – new ate master cyl, 4 rebuilt calipers, new brake lines, pads, wheel bearings,  etc

·          Suspension converted to period correct KONI shock absorbers from a 1970 911S, new suspension bushings, turbo tie rods, swaybar bushings, 4 wheel alignment

·          New rubber German seals throughout, including targa seals

·          Rebuilt targa top

·          New deco trim, new Bosch H4 headlights, new - all 4 turn signal lenses, new rear reflectors, PORSCHE/targa/911E/Hood emblems are all new genuine parts, new side view mirrors/bumper caps/horn grilles, new windshield

·          Correct decals throughout

·          New gauges

·          All electrical/lighting sorted out

·          Note the painstaking attention to detail. All parts are the correct period, built with the same exact appearance as when new. Do any other cars currently for sale look more detailed?

·          All work has been completed by a experienced vintage Porsche technician – Mark Allen 760-522-0090









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