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1970 914-6 Canary Yellow

1970 Porsche 914-6


VIN# 9140431800

Engine# 6405133 type 901/38

Trans# 7501810 type 914/01

Color# 29 Canary Yellow

Matching numbers California car with both blue license plates

Sold new July 71 by Anderson Behel of Santa Clara CA

No rust, no accidents ever!

2 engines and 2 transmissions included; currently fitted with a 250HP 3.0L engine

Front and Rear swaybars

Mahle Gas Burner wheels x5

Fog lights

Electric rear window defrost

Tool kit/Owners manual/maintenance book/COA/Tire jack/Records

The Porsche 914 model was a collaboration between Porsche and Volkswagen. Ferdinand Piech, the director of Porsche at the time, wanted to create a car that young people could afford. Porsche designed the car and Volkswagen would manufacture the bodies for a reasonable price.  Porsche would then supply 911 6 cylinder engines and complete the construction of the 914-6 versions in their factory (VW would supply the drivetrain and finish construction of the 4cyl version).The design of the 914 was unlike any other mass produced sports car ever, this mid-engine car was closer to a race car design than any street car. Initially the deal would be a win - win between the companies but management changes in VW caused a price increase for the bodies delivered to Porsche. By the time the 914-6 was available for sale by Porsche dealers it was only $300 less than the same year 911T, this killed sales numbers. Porsche marketing intentionally put a lower power engine than the 911 would get, with only 110 horsepower this engine was the lowest power of any 6 cylinder ever built by Porsche. The 914-6 was a very well designed car that was horribly equipped. Eventually there would be well over 118,000 4 cylinder 914s built which was a major success, but only around 3,300 of the real Porsche 914-6 cars were ever built over their 3 year run. The 914-6GT variant would go on to prove itself as a race worthy contender as it won the the GT class of the 1970 Le Mans race and a large number of events after that. The 914-6 is universally known as a very rare serious Porsche car,  Porsche intended to develop the car further through their 916 program which included a 190HP 2.4L 911S engine and a specially designed 915 transmission, only 11 of these cars were built before the program was canceled. Sadly it was the very slow sales of the street car that completely killed the -6 model. For some time used 914-6 cars could be bought by racers for very low cost and could be simply converted to a full race car in a weekend, these budget racers won all the club races in their day. Today there are almost no original, unmodified, matching number 914-6 examples left.

This particular car is an investment grade matching numbers car in outstanding condition. Truly this car is one of the best examples you could find out of the few remaining original 914-6 cars left. This one is #1800 made out of 3300 total production, build date of April 1970. Sold new in January 1971 by Anderson Behel of Santa Clara California and it is still wearing both of its original blue California license plates and chrome plate frame from the selling dealer! The original color is Canary Yellow, an outstanding color, an eye catching color of the 70s, doesn’t everybody love a classic Porsche in a highly desirable color. Options include fog lights, leather steering wheel, AM/FM radio, special light weight alloy wheels (MAHLE "gas burner"), ultra rare electric rear window defrost, front and rear swaybars, and chrome bumpers. Included with the car are the both original California Blue License plates with the selling dealer’s license plate frame, original owner's manual, tool kit, tire jack, spare tire, and records. This car was restored very recently, completed in 2012 and only driven 1800 miles since the restoration. This car retains 98% of its original 914-6 only very hard to find parts, the drive train has been properly modified but the changes are invisible from the exterior. All original parts removed from the car are included with the car.

Original 914--6 cars had a few quirky flaws - they were under powered, the brakes were a little too small, and the shifting was a little vague. In order to overcome these issues this car has been corrected with a large number of proper upgrades during the restoration. With only a few modifications the 914-6 can be changed into the car that Porsche originally intended it to be. 110 horsepower is not enough in this car so the original engine was put into boxes and a fully rebuilt 3.0L took its place with an estimated 250HP by way of aggressive camshafts, high compression JE pistons, and mild cylinder head work. The 911T brakes are too small so we changed them to Brembo AM alloy calipers, a direct bolt on caliper that looks and operates exactly the same as a 911S caliper. Now the car confidently comes to a stop no matter how fast you go. A larger front swaybar was installed along with a factory original rear swaybar. Finally the transmission was put aside for retaining originality, in its place is a re-built side shift style transmission that has been treated to a limited slip differential, a billet intermediate plate to hold the power, and larger axles with 911CVs.

This car now is faster and handles better than a 911RS lightweight!

Technical details:

California chassis - with original blue license plates, was torn down to a bare shell, placed on a rotisserie, BARE METAL RE-PAINT inside and out the correct color, no rust repair was needed – all original pans/metal. See pictures.

Interior - original material in most all areas and in very good to excellent shape. Original upper and lower dash with no cracks, original Blaupunkt AM/FM radio in working condition, gauges restored by Hollywood Speedo, original seats, back pad and seat belts, original door panels (might need a little more work to make them perfect), replacement perlon carpet.

Original engine & transmission – Included in boxes, the original engine was torn down and in the process of a rebuild – cylinder heads were rebuilt, parts cleaned, various other prep. During this time it was determined that a completely different engine would be better suited to high performance driving. The original engine comes with the car boxed up. The original transmission was rebuilt but never used, it is included with the car boxed up. The original axles and shift linkage are also included with the car boxed up. The way this car was done allows for complete reversal of the modified parts so that this car could be put back together in its 100% original stock form.

Engine mounted in the car now – a proper, very reliable 3.0L Engine, All machine work by Porsche specialist Ollies of Arizona, std/std crank/case, 95mm Mahle JE 9.5:1 P/Cs, Mahle cylinders that were re-Nikasill-ed, valve job on large port 78/79 sc heads, ARP rod bolts and head studs used, Webcam 120/104 grind, rockers rebuilt, Carrera pressure fed tensioners, new timing chains/chain ramps, bearings, engine gasket set, cylinder tin mod, aftermarket sheet metal (with original tin in boxes). Weber carburetors properly jetted, PMO manifolds match ported to the intake port. 78/79 Bosch distributor professionally re-curved by Jerry Woods, MSD 6AL ignition. Factory 914-6 heat exchangers into original steel muffler. Engine is cooled by 3 oil coolers: engine mounted, one mounted over transmission with electric fan, finally a Mocal cooler mounted under the GT style engine lid. Kennedy conversion flywheel transmits the power with increased grip stage 2 clutch. GT style engine lid is fitted to the car now, the original engine lid comes with the car painted to match.

Transmission - Rebuilt side shift transmission, Quaife torque biased differential, T6 alloy intermediate plate to handle 300HP, gears: A/F/flipped ZD/V/ZD.

Suspension/Brakes - Bilstien front struts with Brembo AM calipers by PMB performance, Porterfield RS4 brake pads, turbo front tie rods,  Bilstien rear shocks with 180lb progressive rate springs factory rear 914-6 calipers rebuilt, original Mahle Gas Burner wheels restored by Al Reed 15x5.5".  New: battery, internally regulated alternator, fuel lines, oil Brad Penn 20w50, filters, Swepco gear oil, spark plugs, cap/rotor/points, fan belt, wheel bearings, brake pads, brake rotors, brake lines, brake caliper rebuild kits, tires.

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