Vintage Excellence is a specialty shop for all Porsche cars. Specializing in the sales and correct restoration of these very fine classic automobiles. We deal in primarily Porsche vehicles from 1964-1973; Including 356, 912, 911, and 914-6. Our skill set allows us to handle any unique vehicle in the world. Our experience and passion far exceed the norm. Our mission is the pursuit of excellence in everything we do. High end unique & collectible vehicles is what we do and we love what we do.

1968 Porsche 912 Coupe Golden Green

1968 PORSCHE 912

Color# 62165 Golden Green


The Porsche 912 bridges the gap between the 356 and the 911 by combining the body of the 911 but utilizing the proven reliable 4 cylinder 102hp Porsche 356SC power plant. While the 912 has 30 less horsepower than its 6cyl counterpart they share the same chassis, suspension, 4 wheel disk brakes, manual transmission, and build quality. When it comes to the 900 series cars many collectors are prone to look only for the 6cyl versions, however, one should keep in mind that ALL Porsche cars had 4 cylinder engines up until the 911 was introduced in 1964. 

This particular example is one of the most unique and special Porsche cars you could ever find. This 912 was a special order from Carlsen Porsche of San Francisco California, it was ordered in the rarest color offered by Porsche in the 1960s “Golden Green”. Only a small handful of cars were built with this special order color, a color that evokes emotion in the onlookers and sets the car apart from all other examples. The investment potential of this car is secured with the matching number engine, transmission, and original color all of which are all verified by the included Certificate of Authenticity from Porsche. This example is loaded with options including the following:


·         Matching numbers throughout


·         5 speed transmission


·         Original color Golden Green #62165  This is one of the most unique and rare colors ever offered


·         Coach builder: Porsche


·         Original mileage 55,000


·         Originally sold at Stan Carlsen Porsche – downtown San Francisco California


·         Originally ordered Air Conditioning – disabled but parts included


·         Wood steering wheel


·         1968 only Fuchs alloy wheels


·         Becker Europa radio functioning perfectly with original Hirschman locking antenna


·         Hella 128 Fog lights


·         Bosch H4 headlights with original early European Bosch glass


·         Originally optioned 356 style headrests


·         Bosch 1968 US spec side reflectors only found on 1968 model


·         Koni suspension, front swaybar


·         Amco rear bumper bar


·         Owner’s manual, emissions supplement, complete tool kit, jack, original keys – Doors & ignition/glove box


·         All original interior, all factory supplied and in excellent shape


·         Original US spec emission equipment – Smog Pump, etc





This car is without doubt one of the most pristine examples to be found anywhere in the world

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