Vintage Excellence is a specialty shop for all Porsche cars. Specializing in the sales and correct restoration of these very fine classic automobiles. We deal in primarily Porsche vehicles from 1964-1973; Including 356, 912, 911, and 914-6. Our skill set allows us to handle any unique vehicle in the world. Our experience and passion far exceed the norm. Our mission is the pursuit of excellence in everything we do. High end unique & collectible vehicles is what we do and we love what we do.

1967 Porsche 912 Irish Green

1967 Porsche 912



Vin# 426939

Original Engine# 755906



It is not very often that a car of this condition and caliber is up for sale on eBay. Take a look around eBay and other advertising sources - you will see that most 912 cars for sale are just worn out non-original drivers or plain old junk. It does not take an expert to see that this car is in the top tier of 912s. It does however take an expert to properly restore one of these cars the exacting original standards. This car has just received a total reworking over the last year. The owner of the car has regretfully decided to sell the car to raise capital for an investment he is involved in. What you are looking at is a car that has just been professionally restored but has not been driven. This is not an amateur restoration that was done a few years ago with many miles since.  This is a quality original San Diego California car that has had over $30,000 of recent smart experienced work put into it.


The 911 and 912 were the exact same car from 1964-1968 aside from their engines. The first 911 6 cyl cars had terrible sales numbers; the cars were now $2,000 higher than their predecessors at around $6500. Porsche decided to put the highest evolution of their tried and true 356 line (the 356SC engine) into the new 901 body, thus terming the car the 902. The early short wheel base 901 and 902 (911 and 912) cars had some of the best build quality of any car ever made.  These cars are made of real steel & metal chrome plated parts that were meant to last. The short wheel base cars were from a time of artisan car builders who put every bit of skill, craftsmanship and style into their work. This is a time before bean counters and massive economies of scale. These cars are special and will be for many years to come. Just look at the grille work, gauges, fit and finish that rivals any other car ever built. These cars are solid well built timeless designs that can still hold their own today. This 1967 912 handles the road better than most any American or Japanese car built today, it can cruise the freeway at 80mph and still get up to 28mpg to this very day! Creature comforts such as A/C and quiet cabins are best left up to modern Euro cars whereas the look and feel of a vintage short wheelbase Porsche will not only wow every onlooker but wow the driver every time. This car is hot! These cars are very lightweight and agile, still a competitive sports car in the 21st century.



 Standard Equipment


  • 4cyl 1600cc 100hp engine – from the famous 356SC – 031 distributor, Solex PII-4 carbs, 28MPG economy


  • 4 wheel disk brakes


  • 4 wheel independent torsion bar suspension


  • Rack & Pinion steering


  • 5 gauge VDO instruments


  • 2 speed windshield wipers w/washer


  • Floor heater, front and rear window defrost


  • A timeless design that will only go up in value over the years




Optional Equipment


  • Fuchs alloys 15x6” with NEW 205/60/15 tires – less than 100miles


  • 5 speed manual transmission


  • Front factory swaybar


  • BOSCH H4 European headlights – look better and work better than US headlights
  • KONI shock absorbers on all 4 corners – fully adjustable suspension for height and stiffness


  • Catacolor factory tinted glass all the way around – NEW PPG front windshield


  • Original 3 point U.S. seatbelts


  • Passenger side mirror





  • The car has just been sorted out by Mark Allen – a Porsche 912 expert


  • Complete and original unmodified engine, mechanically and cosmetically excellent, you do not see these cars for sale with this quality of engine!


  • FRESH IRISH GREEN PAINT completed in Spring 2007 at a cost of $5,500


  • Major engine service completed September 2007 at a cost of $3000


  • Original California car local to San Diego


  • Owners manual, red folder, original tool kit, original jack, all records for the last 20 years – Serviced in San Diego by Dennis Sherman, Wayne Baker, and Dieter’s (all well known shops)


  • All new rubber and trim
  • Fresh polish and paint on the Fuchs alloys by the master of Porsche wheels


  • New carpet, new headliner, new dash & kneed board remaining interior reworked to be original


  • No rust – and rust spots have been taken care of, a front suspension pan has recently been installed


  • All body panel gaps are near perfect – even and flush on all doors and lids


  • All turn signals are factory Bosch – the rears were N.O.S. parts!


  • Original correct Orange hood badge installed


  • Everything works – yes the heater works, yes the clock works


  • The car is now 40 years old!!!!



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