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1967 Porsche 911 1 owner

1967 Porsche 911


VIN 305365

Engine 909222

Transmission 130111

Color now silver, originally #6606 Irish Green

Matching numbers

1 owner since new

58,000 original miles

No rust - dry car

California Black Plate car, both plates included

Comprehensive $20k service completed

This is a one owner car that was purchased directly from the Porsche factory by Hendrick M. a German citizen who moved to the US with his family immediately after the purchase. Imported to Los Angeles July 1967 through Long Beach harbor. Serviced by Vasek Polack for its first few years in Los Angles. It has only traveled 58,000 miles since new. The mileage and condition were preserved because the car would not pass California emissions in the mid 1980s, thus the car was stored in doors from that time until it was recently found. Since 1984 the car has slumbered untouched and undisturbed until spring 2012 - we found a German news paper in the back seat of the car dated in the early 80s. This is a great opportunity to get a time capsule car that has hardly been used and has not been abused. 

Within the last year the car was given to the original owner's son Hans M. who had the car painted at a local paint shop in silver. The paint is a fresh very good driver quality job but not show quality. After the paint work the son quickly realized that a car stored this long will take more work to put it back on the road then he was willing to give it. Hans almost traded this car in on another new car.....   good thing he called us to see if he was getting a good deal on the trade. He sold the car to us for more than the trade in offer. 

Upon arriving at out shop we inspected the entire car. The car comes with some records, the original tire jack/spare tire, both original black/yellow California license plates, an original coveted Vasek Polack license plate frame, and while digging through the door pockets we found the original US Customs import paperwork - amazing! The chassis has no rust and apart from a replacement front suspension pan and battery tray we can find no outstanding rust issues or other previous rust repair. Truly a dry car that is as solid as anyone could ever dream of. The interior is all original with some slight patina but not worn out. The only change from original is the headliner appears to have been painted black. The rest of the mechanical items were very good however all components containing fluids needed a complete servicing. We have since spared no expense with our highly qualified restoration team to get the car back to a daily driver condition. 

Starting with the engine a compression test was performed which showed great numbers on all cylinders. This told us the engine was not damaged before it was put into storage. Rather than cut corners and chance running the engine with minimal tune up work the entire engine/transmission unit was pulled and disassembled down to the case. All parts were first thoroughly cleaned and inspected, then painted where needed. All gaskets were replaced as the engine went back together, the pistons were fitted with new Goetze rings, the original chain tensioners were replaced with solid tensioners that will not fail, all covers were re-surfaced, oil lines on the engine & to the tank were replaced, all tune up items were replaced, and the engine was correctly re-assembled to show standards. The original timing chains were kept as they have not seen many miles but the chain ramps were replaced. The carburetors were stuck closed so a full cleaning and rebuild was performed. The original distributor was cleaned, tested on a Sun distributor machine and found to be in perfect spec. The alternator was tested and found to not be in optimal condition so it was fully rebuilt with new bearings and diodes by a Bosch specialist. The original exhaust had some pin holes from rust so an excellent condition correct original Listritz system was sourced then sand blasted and coated with a ceramic paint in the correct color. The original clutch was usable but old so a new German made Sachs pressure plate/disc/TO bearing was acquired. The flywheel was re-surfaced then balanced with the pressure plate to ensure smooth operation. The oil tank mounted under the passenger rear fender was removed, completely flushed and stripped to bare metal, then painted. Judging by the condition of the engine parts, carburetors, distributor, etc the mileage on the speedometer appears absolutely correct. There are some parts that simply do not last over 100,000 miles and to those of us in the know we can verify a low mileage example. 

Following the engine work the other areas of concern were transmission & shifting, fuel tank/fuel lines, and the entire brake system. The transmission was taken apart to the main components but the gear set was not disassembled, all parts were in perfect condition so only a full cleaning and re-sealing was done to the transmission, the shift bushings were rotten so every bushing was replaced and the shifter was adjusted. The fuel tank was removed then filled/flushed with acid, a high quality fuel tank sealer was put in, a new fuel tank level sender was installed, all the rubber fuel lines were replaced, and a new reproduction Bendix fuel pump was fitted to the relay board. Finally the braking system was completely serviced, master cylinder replaced, all calipers rebuilt, rubber brake lines replaced, new brake pads, and new front wheels bearings fitted.

After I have described all this work you should ask yourself if you could find another example of this same car that has been serviced to this level of detail, can other sellers even describe in this detail the condition of their car? 

Obviously for this car to show its true colors it should be stripped to bare metal and painted in the original Irish Green by a qualified painter. Painting the car in the original color by can be done for an additional cost - estimate for top quality work by our shop is $20,000. 

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