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1966 912 Bahama Yellow

1966 Porsche 912 


VIN# 454629

Engine# 744922


Color Bahama Yellow 6605

100% matching number car

1 owner San Diego SURVIVOR

Black & Yellow California plates 

Wood steering wheel & Shift knob

Leather front seats

optional 5 gauge dash

Blaupunkt Frankfurt AM/FM/SW

4 speed transmission

Talbot optional bullet side mirror

Catacolor tinted glass

optional 3 point seat belts

Chrome wheels

Original Bill of Sale/Owner's Manual/Tool kit/Tire Jack/Spare Tire/all registration cards/Records included

This car is an amazing survivor condition unrestored example. It was originally purchased new on March 5th 1966 at Truman Motors of El Cajon California for $5617. The one and only owner of this car specially ordered it when he heard about the new 911/912 design. The brand 911/912 design was the most modern futuristic car at the time. He wanted a bright color that everyone would see so Bahama Yellow was chosen. The options specified when then car was ordered were: Leather seats, wood steering wheel, chrome wheels, catacolor glass, radio, Talbot mirror, and 3 point front seat belts. It took some time from the when the car was ordered until it arrived, the original owner said that he was informed when the car arrived in Long Beach from Germany so he went up and watched them unload all the cars from the ship. This car was loved every day of its life, it was well maintained by the owner, always stored inside and never driven in bad weather. Because of the care put into the car the chassis is in amazing no rust condition, no rust repair was ever necessary as the car never ever experienced rust damage. That puts this car in the top category of collectability within the classic Porsche market. It is rare to find any short wheel base car that does not have some rust such as a battery tray but this one defies the norm and remains as solid as the day it was made. 

Over the years the car was used but not abused. It received regular maintenance but by the mid 1980s it needed an engine rebuild. An engine rebuild and paint job was completed in 1987. Then one day when the car was about to be taken out on the road a float stuck on one of the carburetors which leaked fuel onto the ground. At this point the owner put the car into the garage and time got the best of the situation. The car sat in this garage from 1988 until 2013, a whole 25 years had passed until the car finally saw the light of day again. We were called out as the first interested buying party through local contacts, being experts in these types of cars we knew this car had to be resurrected. A deal was struck and the car was pulled out and towed up to the shop. See the pictures for the story. 

Aside from 1 paint job, 1 engine rebuild, and maintenance items this car has remained untouched throughout its entire life. Nothing has been modified and nothing has been changed from original. The last picture in the gallery below was taken in 1979. The original leather seats are in fabulous shape and they ad an aroma to the car that smells so great; aged but not rotten. The wood steering wheel is excellent with slight patina. Original orange bar hood badge, carpets, rubber mats, headliner, all vinyl panels for the interior, original Sigla front windshield & all original factory tinted glass in perfect shape, original wiper arms with NOS SWF wiper blades, all 4 turn signal lenses, headlights, deco trim, all the chrome is original, the doors/hoods shut perfectly and the panel gaps are excellent. All 5 wheels are original to the car and dated November 1965; speaking of dates everything on this car is dated 9/65-11/65. This car was completed around December 1965; this was the first major production year of the 911 or 912. The design was being revised as these cars were being built, because of this the cars built in 1965 has certain traits that are only found on the first couple generations. These early cars are special, they are the first in a long lineage of the most successful and recognizable sports car ever made.  

A car in long term storage like this requires quite a bit of work to get it going again; we are happy to say that all this work has just been completed. We have disassembled the entire brake system, flushed & cleaned every part, rebuilt 4 calipers, changed brake lines, new master cylinder, new brake pads. Engine was given an oil change, plugs, oil filter, fuel filter, air filters, fan belt, valve adjustment, gaskets, a correct rebuilt distributor replaced the wrong one, the timing and carburetor tuning was done. The carburetors were previously rebuilt by Bieker Engineering (the worlds best at the time and still in business) and fully re-machined - this makes for a smooth idle without popping and farting like 80% of the 912s out there, we cleaned and added new gaskets to the carburetors, all fuel lines were replaced with correct new line, fuel tank was removed boiled/flushed and a chemical liner coated the inside if the tank. Shift bushings were all replaced and the pedal assembly was removed and rebuilt. Tires were replaced with new ones in the correct size. The entire car has been deep cleaned, starting with pressure washing the underside, the bumpers were removed & cleaned with new rubber seals installed, all chrome was polished back to a shine, leather was cleaned and conditioned, turn signals cleaned out with new seals added, windows washed. All of the lights work, the horns are original and functioning (they have a very rich period sound), all of the instruments are functioning, speedometer and trip odometer, washer pump was brought back to life, heater cables were replaced. You simply do not often find 912s like this one where everything works, if you are comparing this car to others on the market make sure everything on the other car works - if not then be prepared to pay thousands to get them working or drive a soggy worn out car. Also if you are comparing this car to others then make sure they have an original tool kit/tire jack/owners manual or be prepared to pay thousands for that - these early tool kits are worth around $1500 or more. "Restored" cars are usually poorly done by inexperienced tinkerers, this car was gone through by a pro. 

If you are more into original cars with some patina, tons of character, and a little wear then this is the type of car for you. Everything on this car is authentic as can be. If you want a perfect paint job then the older paint on this car may not meet your standards. While not quite a show car as it sits it is a survivor for sure and in instant curiosity to the crowds. On the other hand if this car was painted then it would be among the best of the 912 cars and a concours winner. I would prefer to just leave it the way it is and drive it. Either way this car can be enjoyed and shown the way it is and whoever buys it will be the second owner!

The the pictures show the car as it looks today, the details on the car, proof that there is no rust or rust repair, all the critical numbers to show numbers matching, and finally the story of the find with a picture of the original owner. The last picture was taken in 1979 and shows that the car looks exactly the same today as it did back then. 

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