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1965 Por 912 Sky Blue

1965 Porsche 912


VIN# 451462

Color# 6403 Sky Blue - one of the rarest colors

Grey leather interior

Original very rare painted dash car

Restored Wood steering wheel

5 speed transmission

Hella 128 for lights

Bosch H4 headlights

When the 911 was first offered for sale in 1964 the sales numbers were not what Porsche expected. The new 911 had a price tag of $6500 while its predecessor, the 356, sold for $4500. Porsche scrambled to come up with a car that would fit the $4500 pricing point. This is how the 912 was created, as an afterthought. The 912 was the exact same car as the 911 however the power plant was a 4 cylinder engine borrowed from the 356 SC. The 4 cylinder engine had proven reliable in the past as it was the primary engine used in almost all of the previous Porsches made. The 912 sales in the early years were 3 to1 over the more expensive 911. You could say that the 912 saved the 911 from extinction long enough for the idea of the 911 to catch on. At first in order to distinguish the 912 from the 911 a few changes were made. The first 912s were outfitted with a dashboard painted in body color, a throw back from the 356 styling. Only the first couple thousand out of 30,000 something 912s had painted dashes and today they are among the rarest of all 912s. When the color of the car is as striking as Sky Blue the painted dash really looks amazing.

As the years progressed the cars evolved and many changes were made but there is something about having the first generation car that helped create an iconic legend that we all know today. Other traits that are unique and exclusive to the very early 911 and 912 cars include: 4 screw fender horn grilles, a washer bottle mounted inside the passenger front inner fender, non adjustable front struts, 3 green faced gauges facing the driver rather than 5, silver wiper arms positioned in front of the passenger instead of driver side, dished door handle buttons, small knob on fuel door pull, trunk pull tucked further up under the dash, screw on 356 shift knob, and of course the painted dash with unique lower knee pad. All these attributes set the 1965 and very early 1966 models apart as the first generation of an iconic car. 

This car was originally delivered to VW Pacific of Culver City California in July 1965. It is titled as a 1966, as it was sold late in the year. You could say this is one of the last 65s or one of the first 66 cars. The change over in model years is during the June July months. The VIN range for the 1965 year according to Dr. B. Johnson's book for Karmann built cars is: 450001 - 454470, making this one in the 32 percentile of cars built that year. The color you see on the car is the original color, this is a 356 color called Sky Blue; the name was officially changed to Enamel Blue for the 911/912 model so the correct name is Enamel Blue for a 65 911 or 912. This color is among the rarest colors ever offered on a 912, Less that 1% were painted in this color which makes this car very special. The color code is 6403 which would be the standard blue color for 1964 cars. This color was not offered after 1965.

Over the last few years this car has been under cosmetic and mechanical restoration by its 16 year owner. A very high quality bare metal paint job was completed in the original color. There are no outstanding rust issues. All rubber seals were replaced. All trim was re-done or replaced. A Full Grey leather interior was completed by Auto's International - the vintage Porsche interior experts. This interior is top notch, a new ivory headliner fitted, German Square Weave deluxe carpeting, and all panels are covered in high quality leather. Additional items to help the restoration included a fully restored wooden steering wheel, a new pair of Hella 128 fog lights, and a set of Bosch H4 headlights were added. Wheels were stripped to bare metal and painted in a high quality gloss silver, the original size and type of tires were fitted to the rims - Michelin XZX 165/15. 

The engine was rebuilt engine by Ray Stephens, a very well known long time Porsche restorer and race car builder, Ray has a very good reputation for building 356 race car engines that last. A set of very expensive new old stock (NOS) Mahle pistons and cylinders were fitted during the rebuild. Recently the engine was given a service and proper detail by Vintage Excellence - this included powder coated tin, plated hardware, new gaskets as needed, an original rebuilt Bosch 020 cast iron distributor, a pair of rebuilt Solex PII carburetors, and a pair of correct Knecht air cleaners. The transmission was rebuilt in 2009, the shifting is tight and definite unlike most of the worn out vague transmissions out there, the 5th gear was changed to a tall 5th gear which translates to lower freeway RPM and better gas mileage. This set up gets phenomenal gas mileage for a classic car - around 30MPG! Full brake restoration was also performed consisting of 4 rebuilt calipers, all new brake lines, all new brake pads, and a dual circuit master cylinder conversion for safety. Bilstein front shocks were added along with the new front ball joints. The rear suspension is equipped with "Sway-Away" brand fully adjustable spring plates so the car can be lowered or raised front and back with the simple turn of a bolt. This car is ready to drive and enjoy whether you want to take it to car shows or cruise it on weekends you will not be disappointed in the purchase of this car. Cost of restoration is skyrocketing, you cannot build the same car for less money; and building a car like this will take a year to complete. 

Included with the car are records for the restoration work as well as service invoices from 1980 til today. A 1965 912 owners manual is also included.

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